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  • 05 Jan, 2017

We're all about educating our clients at Poor Richard's Press!  Read on and check out our Basic Design Truth's Infographic

At Poor Richard's Press we believe in Client Service.  In fact, we're a little obsessive about it.  For us it's not just about getting the job done, or even getting it done right.  It's about getting it done right AND informing our clients along the way.  When you love what you do, you often want to share that passion with people.  Since we're so passionate about what we do here, we want you to get excited about it too!  This is YOUR business, or hobby, or event, or project.  It matters to you.  So it matters to us. 

Check out our light-hearted infographic below about some very basic "Graphic Design Truth's" from the peeps of Poor Richard's Press!
While some of those were meant to be lighthearted graphic design jokes (#nerdlife), the principles behind them are solid.  Stay tuned for the next couple of Poor Richard's Press blog posts for further breakdown of Graphic Design Principles and Tips and Tricks.  Remember, our business is to make you look good, and we take our job very seriously!

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By Poor Richard's Press 30 Mar, 2017

When beginning a design project or branding your business, it’s easy to simply think of your favorite color as the obvious choice for “brand colors”. Why not? You like it. You think it looks good. But have you ever thought of why you like it? Or that there might be a reason it’s your favorite color? Let’s take a deeper look as to why color is important in design and why careful consideration should be made when planning your company branding for the long term.

Why is color important?

The use of color in design, art and even the way we dress ourselves on a daily basis plays a role in the way we feel. Whether we realize it or not, color tends to elicit an emotion, feeling or some sort of response when we see it used in certain ways. Blues may make us feel calm, sad, serene, or have a coastal or springtime connotation. Yellow might signify happiness, or even caution depending on how it’s used. When considering clothing, black is often thought of as chic and timeless.

By Poor Richard's Press 10 Mar, 2017

The Cal Poly motto and philosophy is “Learn by Doing” which is pretty true in regards to the Graphic Communication major if not all the majors at Cal Poly. The long laundry list of what we are able to do in our coursework at school includes, but it not limited to: running presses and making plates for printing, designing calendars, packaging and resumes and of course software training. We get all this hands-on experience in order to prepare us for whatever career we end up pursuing. But nothing quite prepares you for the real thing. Having a job in college that’s related to your major is so helpful if you are able to work it in to your busy schedule! Getting hands-on experience helps prepare you but no matter how much we try to simulate the processes involved in Graphic Communication in school, nothing compares to actually doing it in a work setting. It’s very similar to the phrase: “you don’t know what you don’t know”. There is so much that goes on in a printing company that school can’t prepare you for. Working in a company in your field while taking classes allows you to learn so much more and to truly see how what you design really ends up once printed – including the technical components of getting a perfect end product for a client. I feel so much more prepared to enter the workforce after college because of the experiences that I’ve had working in an actual print company. Doing design work and being able to see my design’s come to fruition has been a rewarding process. From concept to completion, I’ve gotten to live the words “Learn By Doing” at Poor Richard’s Press.

By Poor Richard's Press 20 Feb, 2017

Last month, Poor Richard’s Press had the honor of participating in Cal Poly’s Graphic Communication’ s Career Day. Alli and I had the pleasure of meeting the best and the brightest Cal Poly has to offer - from Senior’s and all the way down to eager sophomore’s just itching for the experience. We talked until our voices were hoarse and accumulated a stack of the most beautifully designed resume’s you’ve ever seen. Since many of the players at Poor Richard’s Press are Cal Poly alumni, we always look for ways to support Cal Poly students and programs at the school. The Cal Poly “learn by doing” motto is not taken lightly by any department on the campus and due to that fact, the students are some of the best in the west when it comes to post-baccalaureate preparedness. We enjoyed our time at the Winter Career Fair Day and look forward to the Spring Career Day in April! Follow us on Instagram at @ poorrichardspress for a few scenes from the Cal Poly GRC Career Day and for a look at what goes on in the print shop! Our next upcoming event is this week at the SLO Horse Expo at the Madonna Inn – see you there!

By Poor Richard's Press 17 Feb, 2017

When it comes to the peeps of Poor Richard’s Press, Client Service Consultant Wendy Scribner is the ultimate mover, shaker and print maker. She wears many hats around the office, but even more outside the office. With just a few of those hats being a cowboy hat and mom of two boys (which may or may not require a helmet). Wendy has been with PRP for 5 years and is a SLO county local hailing from her family’s cattle ranch in Cambria. She graduated Cal Poly with a degree in Animal Science and a concentration in Livestock Production. So it’s no wonder she handles many of our ag-related clients with ease. Have a bull catalog you need printed? A horse sale book? Nationally distributed industry magazine? She’s got you covered with print and mail! Looking for apparel for your ranch crew? Yep, got that too. Website build? You get the gist. Wendy says, “I love seeing our customer's projects come to life. Whether it is a flyer to advertise a car wash, polos for a business's office staff or a mail campaign.” This dedication may or may not have to do with her deep obsession with paper...

By Poor Richard's Press 13 Jan, 2017
Back in November we put out a Bat-signal for local photography talent for content in the 2017 Poor Richard's Press  Calendar.  The Central Coast answered the call with more entries than ever before!  You showed us why we love living here and highlighted the local flavor and beauty of the Central Coast.  See full list of winners below.  Be sure to scroll all the way to the bottom to find out who made the cover!
By Poor Richard's Press 12 Jan, 2017

This month is all about Design at Poor Richard’s Press so it’s only fitting that the Employee Spotlight shines on our Pre-Media Specialist, Neal Fitzgerald. Neal is the epitome of a mover, a shaker and a print-maker and is the final Quality Assurance check before any client pieces go to print. He ensures all digital files are correct, performs final layout checks and ensures all images and colors will print correctly.  This aspect of printing is what is known as "Pre-Flighting".  Neal has been with Poor Richard’s Press since the early 90’s and has worked in multiple facets of the shop. From cutter operator to delivery driver to bindery, copiers, press and letterpress, he’s done it all. The aspect that really sets Neal apart is that he loves to help educate our clients as we produce pieces for them. His favorite action at work is to get on the phone with a client and walk them through the process of printing a beautiful piece. So I sat down for a quick minute with Neal to find out what makes him tick and to shine the Employee Spotlight on the man that’s usually behind the scenes!

By Poor Richard's Press 05 Jan, 2017
At Poor Richard's Press we believe in Client Service.  In fact, we're a little obsessive about it.  For us it's not just about getting the job done, or even getting it done right.  It's about getting it done right AND informing our clients along the way.  When you love what you do, you often want to share that passion with people.  Since we're so passionate about what we do here, we want you to get excited about it too!  This is YOUR business, or hobby, or event, or project.  It matters to you.  So it matters to us. 

Check out our light-hearted infographic below about some very basic "Graphic Design Truth's" from the peeps of Poor Richard's Press!
By Poor Richard's Press 15 Dec, 2016

Typography refers to the design, style and technique of using of text to make a piece of written work legible, readable and visually appealing. When discussing typography, it is important to understand the basic terminology.  Read along for a basic and broad stroke guide to typography and font families.  

First of all, there are four major kinds of typefaces (a.k.a. font families): serif, sans serif, script, and decorative. The former two are the most common, while the latter two should be used with caution since they are considered not as legible.

By Poor Richard's Press 02 Dec, 2016

There’s an entire team of awesomeness at Poor Richard’s Press that make our print and ink world go round. One of those people is Client Service representative and PRP services expert, Danal. Danal has been with Poor Richard’s Press a total of 13 years and counting! She is always there to support our clients in all their business and personal media needs. She wears many hats and can multi-task like a BOSS! Sometimes we sit around and scratch our heads wondering how she gets everything done in a day. (We suspect she has super powers to be honest.) When asked about her favorite aspects of the print industry and working at Poor Richard’s Press she replies, “Technology changes that make my job challenging and rewarding! No two jobs are exactly alike which makes my day diversified over many processes.” Remember what we said about the super-powers? Well, we told you so. Her greatest talents arise when she’s helping our clients get what they want. There’s a huge spread when it comes to people that are familiar with the print industry and the processes involved with getting a job done. Danal makes it a point to ensure that the client not only gets what they want, but helps them to understand the process along the way. “Communication differs greatly in the knowledge that a customer has regarding print. It is almost like being a detective to decipher what a customer needs, sometimes an alternative solution is the best answer” according to Danal. It’s her great listening skills, strong work ethic and an unwavering desire to see our clients happy that makes Danal a part of the Poor Richard’s Press All-stars team!

By Poor Richard's Press 01 Dec, 2016

     This past Tuesday was what is commonly known as #GivingTuesday in Internet-land and beyond.  It comes after the Thanksgiving Holiday, the cult-like "Black Friday", Small Business Saturday, (apparently Sunday got off the hook for a commercialized name), and Cyber Monday.  After all that buying and Holiday shopping surges, someone, somewhere decided it might be a good idea to give back.  Hence, Giving Tuesday was born.  Add a hastag to the front of it and you've got yourself a cyber movement of sorts.  Since Giving is the theme, it's a movement a lot of people can get behind.  It also comes at the time of year where giving is an underlying current in the daily lives of most people.  We think about Thanksgiving and what we are thankful for and we look ahead to the holiday season and think about what to get for our nearest and dearest.  Some consider this time of year to be "fundraising season".  

     That being the case, marketers and non-profit's alike must think of the most effective ways to be seen and heard so that their cause recieves the needed attention, funding and volunteer efforts.  A good mail campaign can help you accomplish all of this.  But what makes a "good mail campaign"?  Creative direction, design, and intention are huge factors that are variable to each client in question.  As far as some more technical tips to make your campaign stand out, read ahead to find out more on how your campaign can be the most successful one of the giving season! 

1.  The first step to any good Direct Mail Campaign is to USE. A. GOOD. LIST . Formatted with headers. Preferably an excel file with each row and column separated by name, address, city, state, and zip.

2.  Decide how you want it mailed. First class, standard, or non-profit standard?

3.  The Right idicia. Indicia is marked to let the USPS know postage has been paid in place of a stamp. If you are a non-profit you have to register with the post office to receive the non-profit rate.

4.  Meet the minimum quantities for bulk mailing. Standard=200 pcs minimum, First Class=500 pcs. Minimum.

5.  Choose the right mail piece. I.e. add value by using a postcard, letter, folded self-mailer, etc. Different types of stock could add value to the mailer. Is it something that will be kept and read or thrown away, looked at as junk mail, an offer, or a direct sale? What makes the piece valuable to your intended audience?

6.  Target your audience. To whom are you mailing? What ages are you mailing to? Are you looking for business to business mail marketing? Mailing to residents?

7.   Personalization. Adding stamps may make the piece look like it wasn’t factory generated. If it’s a postcard, adding a salutation in front of the person’s name makes it personal. Or try using a different style font.

8.  Be creative. Can this be a folded self-mailer rather than a letter or a simple postcard? Can you add something to be stuffed inside or a tear off coupon?

9.  Local mailings will be delivered next day whether postage is standard or first class. You could save money on postage if you have an all local mailing, by mailing standard vs first class. First class guarantees the actual delivery but it won’t be delivered any faster.

10.  Updating a list after mailing. NCOA (National Change of Address), ANK’s (Address not Known), and invalid zip codes should be taken out of your original mailing list. We provide those reports to you so that on your next mailing your list will be updated. As much as possible, update your mailing list as soon as you get this report so you aren’t scrambling to make corrections right before your next big mail drop.

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