Over the past 66 years, our progressive and innovative printing techniques and services have evolved. Today we provide full-service solutions from conceptualizing, creating, and printing to mailing. Our holistic approach and extensive resources make us a leading printer and a powerful partner for your business.


Once we have your logo we can easily use it across as many channels as you need for events big or small. Employees and customers can serve as walking advertisements and spokespeople for your brand when you dress them for success. We can dress your staff, sports team, marathon participants, and volunteers in a wide range of apparel and promotional options.

From design to dress…yeah, we do that.


Because we execute our creative campaigns in-house, we know their opportunities and limitations. When our designers create logos and campaigns, they don’t just consider creative design execution; they consider how the design will function across all channels, including print, apparel, mail and web. Ultimately our team of designers, copywriters, social media experts, and market researchers aims to create a partnership with our clients, exceeding expectations with a holistic approach.


By integrating imagination and personalization, we can cross promote your message and maximize your mailing deliverables. We can create digital publications using the same file as your printed materials, and email campaigns using the same targeted lists for your mailers. We believe that marketing is a holistic effort, which is why we help our customers achieve success through an endless amount of available resources offered at the most competitive prices.

Mailing pieces with pow…yeah, we do that.


Here at PRP Companies, we optimize web pages with visually appealing, engaging, and user-friendly web designs and content. It’s important to use a holistic approach due to the changing world of design, social media integration, and searchability. We don’t specialize in one particular service. Instead, we specialize in utilizing all available resources to create one cohesive and successful website that leverages your brand and optimizes your web presence.

We’re more than ink on paper.

Don’t get us wrong, we will always believe in the power of the pen and printed materials because we’ve seen first hand the extent of their impact. However, now our approach goes above and beyond paper and out of the box. Producing a message and getting that message seen go hand in hand, and we do both.

PRP Companies handles everything from creative development to execution, eliminating the risk of miscommunication  and saving you time and money. We don’t specialize in just one service, instead our experts utilize all of the available resources to create one cohesive campaign that leverages your brand and optimizes your presence. 

Using a holistic approach, we consider how every process fits together, maximizing every effort and saturating your market.

To put it simply, our job is to make you look good, and we take our work very seriously. Branding has never been this simple.

New name. New solutions. Exceeding expectations.

Print, apparel, creative, mail, web

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